Electric Tips for Consumers

  • Know the statement date of your bill. If you have not paid 45 days after your statement date, you may be disconnected.
  • Mail your bill 3 or 4 days before the due date so it will arrive on time. It is important to have a good payment history.
  • Get your deposit back. If you pay your bill on time 24 months in a row, your deposit will be returned with interest.
  • Ask for an energy audit. These are usually offered by your utility for free.
  • Learn to read your meter. This helps you learn how many kilowatts you use daily so you can recognize a meter problem.
  • Have your meter tested by your utility. You are entitled to a free meter test.
  • Ask your utility about budget billing programs. You can apply for this program that offers a set payment every month if you have a good payment history.
  • Expect to pay different rates in the summer and winter. Your utility can provide this information.
  • Don't get disconnected. Getting reconnected is costly. Your utility can require you to pay the past due balance, a reconnection fee and a deposit before reconnection.
  • You must pay your electric bill. Regardless of your financial or medical situation, your utility will eventually disconnect you if you do not pay your bill. If you can't pay your bill in full or on time, contact your utility or the Public Service Commission before your bill is due.

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