Consumer Corner

The PSC assists telephone, natural gas and electric utility customers with service quality issues. The Consumer Affairs staff answers consumer's questions about high utility bills, service disconnections and deceptive marketing. They work with consumers to resolve complaints, investigate violations, and educate consumers about their rights under the law.

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Natural Gas

Click here if you are a customer of a certificated gas marketer or Liberty Utilities. If you are a customer of a municipal gas system and live outside of the city’s home county, you may also contact the PSC regarding your service. The PSC has no authority over service to municipal gas customers that live within the city’s home county. The PSC also has no authority over propane gas providers. Please contact your city or propane provider for assistance.


Click here if you are a Georgia Power Company customer. The PSC does not regulate Electric Membership Cooperatives (EMCs) or city-owned electric utilities. Please contact your city or EMC for assistance.


Click here if you have a question or problem with local telephone service, long-distance service within Georgia or other intrastate telephone service. If your issue is interstate or international in nature, please contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Utility Assistance Programs

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