Gas Marketers Pricing Comparison

The “Georgia Gas Marketers’ Pricing” chart provides a central location that allows consumers to compare rate plans that are offered by certificated natural gas marketers. The chart reflects what a typical consumer would pay for natural gas based upon each marketer’s pricing plans and allows the consumer to see how the bills compare amongst the various marketers. A “typical customer’ is defined on the pricing chart.

Price Charts

For Liberty Utilities prices, please click here. For older price charts, please view the archive.

Consumer Tips

The Georgia Public Service Commission has modified its natural gas price comparison chart to better assist you in finding the natural gas price plan that best fits your needs. If you are on a variable rate plan, now is the time … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions
What types of rate plans will I find on this web site?
The rates are compared in three categories: Senior Citizen Rate Plans (fixed and variable), Variable Rate Plans, and Fixed Rate Plans. Generally, the accountholder should be a recipient of Atlanta Gas Light Company's senior citizens' discount to qualify for a senior rate plan. However, there are a few marketers that offer senior rate plans based upon different requirements. Ask your marketer what its requirements are to qualify for its senior rate plans.
How do I use these price charts?
Formulas and definitions are included to help consumers understand how certain calculations are computed, such as those that appear in the "apples-to-apples" column, or to explain the meaning of certain terms.
What is a variable rate plan?
On a variable rate plan, the price per therm can change from month to month depending on market conditions. Some marketers may offer different variable rates depending on a customer's creditworthiness.
What is a fixed rate plan?
A fixed rate plan allows you to contract with your marketer for natural gas to be billed at the same cents-per-therm for a specified period of time (usually 12 months) and the same customer service charge. A termination/cancellation fee may be assessed if a consumer breaks the contract before the plan's term expires. This fee does not, generally, exceed $100. Written notification nearing the expiration of the fixed rate plan is provided which includes the price-per-therm for the new period, as well as explain options that may be available, including switching to another marketer.