Bellsouth DSL

"Staying in the Fast Lane" 

"This is the last straw," you exclaim as you examine your monthly telephone bill. For two months now you have asked that voicemail and speed dial be cancelled. Yet, once again the charges for these services appear on the bill.

Your local telephone and internet services are provided by BellSouth. You are very happy with the internet service, but are at your wits end when it comes to billing issues associated with the telephone service. During your moment of anger, you call ABC Company to get your local service switched from BellSouth. Much to your surprise, when the order to switch your service is completed, you don't have access to the internet.

Many consumers have found themselves in a situation similar to that described above. The Georgia Public Service Commission advises consumers who receive both local and internet (DSL) service from BellSouth of the following:
1.     You may not be able to keep your BellSouth DSL service if you switch to another local telephone service provider.
2.     If you switch to a local service provider that does not have an interconnection agreement that includes the DSL provision with BellSouth, then you may not be able to keep BellSouth's internet service. Check with your prospective local service provider prior to switching your local telephone service. This is particularly true if you want to maintain BellSouth internet service.

Internet service is an optional, deregulated service. Therefore, your local telephone service provider should not disconnect your service for failure to pay. If you have further questions, contact us.