Norvergence, Inc. Filed for Bankruptcy Protection

Within the last couple of days, the Georgia Public Service Commission (Commission) has received information indicating that Norvergence, Inc., a reseller of Qwest’s long distance services, had made a voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in New Jersey.

A spokesperson from Qwest advised the Commission that, although Qwest had not made a decision at this point on how to handle its relationship with Norvergence, the decision made by a New Jersey federal bankruptcy court does allow it to disconnect Norvergence from its (Qwest’s) network without notice.

In an article written by Henry C. Jackson, Star-Ledger (New Jersey), dated July 15, 2004, the following statement appeared: “The filing will leave Norvergence’s customers – about 10,000 clients throughout the country, most of which are small businesses – facing service interruptions unless they change their service provider. It also means it is unlikely any of the money owed to the company’s former employees will be paid.”

On July 8, 2004 Norvergence’s customers were sent a letter that stated, “Norvergence is proactively responding to an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against the company under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code last week. . . .In the event you should need to speak to a customer service representative, please call 888-735-7544.” When the number was called today by a Commission employee, a recording was on the line which stated that the number had been disconnected and that no further information was available.

Although Norvergence has not made a formal filing with the Commission regarding service to its customers, the Georgia Public Service Commission strongly urges customers of Norvergence to seriously consider their communication needs and make a decision that will insure they have uninterrupted telecommunications services.

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