Electric restructuring

Commission Role in Electric Restructuring

In 1997, prior to any state or federal legislation, the Commission took the initiative to examine electric restructuring in Georgia. To evaluate ways to minimize adverse impacts of opening the industry to retail competition, the Commission held workshops and opened generic proceedings to investigate the structure of the electric industry in its current and possible future forms.

Between April 1997 to July 1997, the Commission held four public hearings to discuss various aspects of electric restructuring relevant to Georgia and issued a final report in January 1998 (Docket No. 7313-U: Georgia Public Service Commission Staff Report on Electric Industry Restructuring). The hearings considered such issues as the impact of competition on the consumer, the environment, energy efficiency, stranded costs and changes in public policy. Given the magnitude of the issues, focus groups were created to address five restructuring topics. Participating with the Commission were electric utilities, public advocacy groups, commercial and residential users and Georgia homeowners.

Final Report:

Docket 7313-U: PSC Staff Report on Electric Restructuring in Georgia

Focus Group Reports: