How to Handle the Rapidly Changing Gas Industry


Gas marketers may from time to time declare bankruptcy.  If a consumer is enrolled with a marketer that goes bankrupt, it is important that the consumer stays with the marketer until the terms of the bankruptcy are finalized.  While consumers retain the right to change marketers at any time, some benefits, such as a possible exemption from a switching fee, may be forfeited.  At a later time the option to choose another marketer without fees may be presented.  The marketer will also contact the consumer to inform of any changes and to advise about available options. When a marketer declares bankruptcy, the Public Service Commission does not retain control over the marketer.  A federal bankruptcy judge dictates how matters relating to the marketer such as refunds and credits will be handled.

Marketers exiting from the competitive marketplace

Some gas marketers may choose not to continue to do business in our state.  In these situations customers are transferred to another marketer, randomly assigned to the remaining marketers or an interim pooler.  The Commission selects an interim pooler from the list of certificated marketers that bid to perform this service for a period of one year.  Marketers are required to inform consumers of this change and the new marketer must abide by the terms and conditions under which consumers agreed to be serviced if they are on a fixed-term agreement or a contract with the previous marketer. If a consumer changes marketer prior to the completion of the transfer, possible switching fees may apply.

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