Telecommunications Application Forms

Application Forms for Certificates of Authority and Other Forms

Application to Provide Competitive Local Exchange Service (CLEC) (doc format)

Application for a Certificate of Authority to Construct or Operate Telephone Line, Plant or System (OCC/IXC) (doc format)

Application to Provide Alternate Operator Services (AOS) (doc format)

Application to Provide Institutional Telecommunication Services (ITS) (doc format)

Application to Resell Interexchange Telecommunications Services (Reseller) (doc format)

Telephone Service Observing Equipment (TSOE) Application

Automatic Dialing and Announcing Devices (ADAD) Application

Payphone Service Provider (PSP) Registration Form (doc format)

Reference Material For Use In Completing Application Forms

List of all Windstream exchanges (total 128)

List of all AT&T Georgia exchanges (total 145)

List of all Tier II ILEC exchanges

Sample Escrow / Bond Agreements

Please review these laws and Commission orders relevant to these applications:

  1. DOCKET NO. 9108-U (pre-paid local service providers)
  2. Letter Order dated February 6, 1997 (pre-paid local service providers)
  3. Letter Order dated August 22, 1997 (pre-paid local service providers)
  4. 0-16 Mile Band (all long distance service providers)
  5. County-wide Calling (all long distance service providers)
  6. DOCKET NO. 3921-U (all long distance service providers)
  7. DOCKET NO. 3995-U (all long distance service providers)
  8. DOCKET NO. 3430-U (facilities-based long distance service providers)
  9. DOCKET NO. 3522-U (facilities-based long distance service providers)
  10. DOCKET NO. 3645-U (facilities-based long distance service providers)
  11. DOCKET NO. 3488-U (resold long distance and alternate operator service providers)
  12. DOCKET NO. 3913-U (resold long distance service providers)
  13. DOCKET NO. 5400-U (resold long distance service providers)
  14. DOCKET NO. 3783-U #1 (alternate operator service providers)
  15. DOCKET NO. 3783-U #2 (alternate operator service providers)
  16. DOCKET NO. 19553-U (all certificated providers)
  17. Telecommunications Relay Service (all local service providers)
  18. Commission Rule 515-3-1-.04(a) Annual Reports
  19. Rule 515-12-1-.34 Code of Conduct for Winback Activities (7)(a) customer service contact and escalation list